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Learn Why Companies Choose Salesforce

Learn Why Companies Choose Salesforce

We, as Salesforce consultants, are faced with this question at almost every deal in the ‘prospecting’ stage, Why Salesforce? Most of our prospects come to the table after doing their part of the research and listing down the features and competitive products. Although, Salesforce makes it easy to differentiate it from any other products in the market, but still, we have to clearly list down the competitive advantage it offers to the prospects.

Leading business executives consider Salesforce as the strategic partner for digital transformation. Salesforce is one of the leading companies in innovation and customer success, following are some points that would help you understand what to consider in your CRM Partner:

1- Industry Reports and Researches:

Reports and researches from leading independent authorities like Gartner, Forbes, Forrester etc are a good source to gauge a solution such as Salesforce over it’s competitors. Salesforce has been the consecutive leader in a number of Gartner Magic Quadrants for over half a decade. Forbes has also listed Salesforce as one of the leading innovative companies, year over year, for years.


2- The Platform and Upgrades:

One of the crucial points to consider selecting your CRM is to see how the system is structured and how will it be upgraded. We still see a lot of customers with on-premise solutions or customers who struggle to keep the system updated and even have to pay for upgrades.

With Salesforce, every customer is on the same platform (multi-tenancy model), regardless of their size, purchase or commitment. Everyone shares the same platform and enjoys the same security and upgrades. Salesforce releases 3 free upgrades yearly for every single one of it’s customers which takes place automatically. Customers don’t face downtimes, or struggle with the installation & updates etc and continue to use the Salesforce platform with the peace of mind.

3- Innovation:

Don’t just buy a CRM for what they can deliver today but for what they will deliver for years down the road. Innovation is at the heart of Salesforce, there is a constant search for improvement, making the systems more friendly and efficient. Launching new clouds and products like Einstein AI, Commerce Cloud, Analytics Cloud, IoT etc.

Salesforce is transparent about it’s roadmaps for releases and features etc. Although, you should base your judgement sole on the future release features, but on the basis that the CRM provider is planning to innovate and have a history of not just innovation but delivering success to the plans. Another benefit of Salesforce is that it listens to what customers are asking for and works towards integrating those features in future releases. So no matter if what you want is in the pipeline for Salesforce, you can always put it there for your organization.

4- Scalability and Integrations:

Scalability of a platform is one of the crucial points to consider making that final decision. Can the system grow with your organizational growth, will it be easy to scale the platform, will there be a huge cost to make any changes to it?

Salesforce being the leader in the CRM industry, is the easiest to scale adding only the license cost that you add to your organization’s overall Salesforce package. Customers can also easily add new Clouds to their existing Salesforce implementation easily and integrate all of them with little effort. Integrations with other legacy systems can also be made fairly quickly using APIs or middle wares. For example, a customer using Sales Cloud wanted to add some Service Cloud licenses for their Customer Service Center Team can easily request new licenses and get the link established between the two clouds for a 360-degree view of the customer and same for customers expecting to connect Salesforce with their existing Oracle ERP.

5- Partner Ecosystem:

Salesforce understood that in order to offer it’s customers the best of implementation experiences and offers it had to grow the pool of implementation partners and equip them with skills and experiences to deliver the Salesforce vision as per customer expectations. With thousands of partners around the globe, Salesforce offers it’s customers to select based on delivery capabilities, geographic availability, CSAT score, Customer Reviews, and Certifications held by the partner team. This makes it easier for the customers to find the right partner for themselves.

Changi, Your Partner for Success:

Selecting the right delivery partner is the key to a successful implementation and the overall efficiency of the project delivery. At Changi, customers are at the front and center of everything we do. Our customers speak about their experiences with Changi as their Salesforce delivery partner, check out our AppExchange Listing for more reviews and CSAT score.

Changi has also been recognized in not only the region but globally among the Salesforce pool of partners by the world’s leading technology research organization, Forrester. We are excited to share that Changi has been included by Forrester in their recent report: “Vendor Landscape: Salesforce Implementation Partners”, The report is available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase from the link.

Changi has delivered over 200 success Salesforce implementations across industries in the MENA region. Talk to our consultants and Salesforce experts today for your Salesforce needs.

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