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Why Salesforce for Healthcare

Why Salesforce for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is being shaken up like never before. Like any other business, healthcare providers must also differentiate themselves from the competition effectively or become obsolete. Their customer behavior has changed, switching costs are close to none and customer loyalty is only existent on quality of service and brand image of the provider.

With the rise of social, mobile, and cloud technologies customers expect an entirely new level of engagement and service. Hospitals, doctors, and other care providers need to collaborate closely around, and connect to, their patients to replaces the fragmented approach to healthcare that has become standard, and make the patient the focus. Salesforce helps transform the way healthcare providers acquire, service, engage, and innovate. Two of the core benefits of Salesforce for Healthcare are:

1- Personalized Customer Journeys

Salesforce platform empowers the healthcare providers to create those 1-to-1 customer journeys enabling to connect with their customers in a much better way. With Salesforce, you, as a healthcare provider, can understand the person behind the patient with a connected experience across every touchpoint from acquisition through care coordination and ongoing engagement on the path to better outcomes.

2- Collaboration Across the Board

No matter the processes and the resources, it all fails without proper and effective collaboration. Salesforce enables you to make the shift to value-based care with a single view of the patient across teams of healthcare professionals, partner affiliates, and employees to deliver an exceptional patient experience. Imagine what you could do by having all that information available centrally, leaving the competition far behind and offering a service experience like no other.


Healthcare organizations have an opportunity to create connected patient journeys that can guide patient interactions while maximizing productivity and efficiency. This journey starts with the very first interaction when attracting prospective patients. From there, providers must build trust with every point of service, from rescheduling appointments to managing care. And finally, providers must focus on keeping patients on the path to better outcomes with ongoing engagement and support.

There is so much that Salesforce could do for Healthcare providers, some critical solutions are depicted in the picture above. With Salesforce CRM, healthcare organizations have a unified view of the patient across every touchpoint and can develop deeper relationships, trust, and loyalty, this is where collaboration comes into play.

To succeed in an evolving healthcare industry, providers must build personalized, engaging relationships with each patient. Salesforce for Healthcare can help you unlock a panoramic view of each patient and foster the use of complete patient views in a smarter, more personalized way.

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