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Top Features in the Salesforce Summer ’18 Release

Top Features in the Salesforce Summer ’18 Release

The Summer ’18 Salesforce release will be moving into your production org over the next few weeks. If you haven’t checked it out already, grab your release notes. Here are the features and highlights we’re most excited about.

Demystified Process Errors

As a user, have you ever run into an error trying to get something done in Salesforce? I know because I have! And the thing that annoys me the most is not finding what had caused it or what to do to fix it. Finally, that won’t be the case anymore. With the Salesforce Summer ’18 release, those cryptic error messages are now going to become friendlier containing more details on what had caused the error and possible actions to addressing it.

Quicker Personalization

The UI has been improved by allowing users to personalize the navigation bar quicker. Tabs can now be directly reordered from the navigation bar.

Improved Global Search

When you want to search an object, you can cut the clutter, and see results only for what you’re searching for, from anywhere in the Salesforce app. Choose any searchable object in the dropdown list next to the global search box. Enter your search term, and both instant results and full search results are limited to that object.

Subfolders for Dashboards and Reports

An excellent addition, especially, for those of us who love to stay organized, you can now create subfolders for dashboards and reports for up to a maximum of 3 levels.

Dashboard Subscriptions

Ever wondered if you could subscribe to a colleague’s or co-worker’s shiny new dashboard? Wanted to get an updated version on a particular date and time? No problem! Now you can subscribe to others’ dashboard and make sure you get up to date information at the right time.

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