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The Importance of Managing Disruption

The Importance of Managing Disruption

Is your business taking action to get ahead of new disruptors? Because it needs to be.

The availability of new technologies has led to a significant change in industry disruption, and companies are now beginning to see players from other industries or even start-ups using a new approach to technology to reach customers and take the competitive advantage. You need to start taking small risks or face the bigger risk of direct disruption.

Over the past 15 years, a new breed of business has developed, using digital channels exclusively to offer simple solutions to a customer base. We all know the new poster boys of disruption: Careem, Uber, Airbnb etc.

Technology has proven critical for these businesses. One of the major achievements of this movement has been the simplification of customer interaction using digital media. We’ve all heard of Apple, Uber, Netflix, Airbnb and Amazon, the customer experience is simple, convenient and in most cases, enjoyable.

So why isn’t every interaction with a business – specifically via digital channels – as effortless or seamless?

That’s what your customers are asking. And that’s the question you need to answer before someone else does.

Changing the Business Environment

With threats to your business now just as likely to come from start-ups and other industries as they are from your typical competitors, businesses have to contend with a new operating environment.

Disruption can be an existential organizational threat, don’t be like Blockbuster when they decided Netflix wasn’t on their competitive radar. You just have to make sure you get there first.

Focusing on the Competitive Edge

In light of these new sources and pace of change, are you the one reinventing the way your industry interacts with your customer? Are you confident your technology investments and approaches can keep pace with your objectives for reinvention?

Even once you create the most innovative new solution for your customers, the speed and agility of implementation can make or break your success. New ways of designing and implementing technology mean the traditional way businesses implemented enterprise systems tends to be out-of-date and poorly suited to innovative, customer-centric and agile digital aspirations.

Minimizing Risk – Maximizing Opportunities

We often hear people describe these new ways of working or deploying technology as “risky”. But in my opinion, the much bigger risk is organization’s inability to evolve. Rather than relying on outdated best practices, businesses today need to welcome a wider range of solutions, which in many cases means taking the plunge into new and investing in potential new technologies making the most use of mobile, social and more.

Regardless of industry, the disruptive digital age is certainly here, and it’s going to continue getting stronger. It’s an exciting time for businesses and existing disruptors to stay ahead of the game.

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