A Partner You Can Count On. From the very first meeting, Changi demonstrated evident passion, knowledge, and love for Salesforce CRM. This created a comfortable environment for us and made our decision easy to sign up with Changi.

Unlike other projects, ours was peculiar. We had a ready to use Salesforce module in France, but we wanted to differentiate and build modules which are more relevant to our region and appetite.

As we entered the discovery sessions, I was delighted that Changi was more keen to learn about our pain points, business challenges, and expectations. They were more interested in building a module which works best for us. Sometimes, they even challenged us in areas where we did not need CRM’ification!

I must also applaud Changi’s responsiveness and their smart use of technology (Teamworks, Gotomeetings, Lucid Charts, etc) which gave my working committee and me, seamless involvement throughout the process. They carried out integration to our ERP professionally and seamlessly, which brings a big smile to us.

A particular note of thanks to Shraddha who has been the key driver of the project. Her commitment to our project has been phenomenal. Also, a special thank you to Arash and Georges who were always supporting the project internally and beyond.

Today, I believe we have a CRM which works best for our current needs and adaptable for the future. We are already planning out our second phase with Changi to build other modules which will add value to our business and our stakeholders!

If you are reading this review and are in a dilemma to choose a CRM solutions partner, look no further. Thank you, Changi!

Arvind Kumar IT Manager January 17, 2018