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Say Hello to Salesforce Einstein Voice – The Smartest Business Virtual Assistant Out There!

Say Hello to Salesforce Einstein Voice – The Smartest Business Virtual Assistant Out There!

Everyone knows Siri and Alexa. After all, they’ve changed the way we interact with technology completely. But time to move over ladies – you too, Watson – because the smartest guy on the virtual block just got a voice.

Say hello to Salesforce Einstein Voice.

Einstein Voice is the newest capability in Saleforce’s artificial intelligence platform. It includes a virtual assistant feature that can dictate notes, analyze data via AI, and make relevant changes in your system. It also gives companies the ability to program their very own voice bots to deliver smart customer service to their clients.

Why is this a breakthrough and how is Einstein Voice any different from his predecessors? Well…

It does your data entry for you

For starters, Einstein Voice addresses the biggest nuisance for sales reps when it comes to CRM systems. Yep, that’s right: data entry. Every sales rep in the history of CRM usages praises its blessings, yet curses the immense time spent feeding it the data it needs to run. In comes Einstein Voice, with his new AI powered capabilities. Sales reps can now dictate memos and notes to the virtual assistant anytime, anywhere from their Salesforce1 mobile apps. Einstein Voice will then interpret these voice commands with AI and log them into Salesforce CRM.

It’s built with corporate-level security

Now, we know what you’re thinking: Siri and Alexa can dictate notes and make appointments. Alexa might be on her way to becoming a nanny, too! But while Einstein has no plans for raising children – yet, at least – he was built with a corporate level of security in mind, which the former two lack. Einstein Voice surfaces data from Salesforce CRM and serves it to a user whenever demanded. But it can only pull data from the user’s own account, which eliminates the chance of data contamination across accounts.

It allows you to customize your own voice bot

Moreover, Einstein Voice will soon give companies the capability of programming their very own voice bots to deliver smarter, faster, and even more personalized customer service for their own clients. This means that a company’s own voice bot could be used on non-Salesforce platforms to answer client’s inquiries. However, the custom voice bot would still be linked to the company Salesforce in order to pull company data from the CRM and use the power of AI to deliver relevant answers to the clients.

Oh, and it speaks your slang

One final fun feature of Einstein Voice is that it’s built to feel like just another employee in your company. For that reason, Einstein Voice can be programmed to understand and use your team or company’s jargon and slang language. How awesome is that?!

Wondering about Einstein AI’s other capabilities? Head over to our Analytics page and find out. Once you’re done, make sure you schedule a demo with our sales reps who will gladly show you how Einstein AI can take your sales from OK to brilliant in a snap.

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