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Salesforce Distributed Marketing Features in Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Distributed Marketing Features in Marketing Cloud

Your customers define your success.

Customers are looking for personalized, connected, relevant, and convenient interactions. Today we see businesses that sell and market through large partner networks, such as franchisees, financial advisors, insurance agents, or resellers. It’s a challenge to deliver seamless consumer engagement at scale.

Distributed Marketer – The one who interacts with customers every day.

Distributed Marketing gives you the power to interact with your customers in means where you have a stronger connection than ever before. Distributed Marketing from Salesforce makes it simple for brands to deliver consistent experiences across corporate marketing and partner networks. Think of Distributed Marketing as a bridge that connects and combines your customer data from the cloud you work on (such as Sales, Service, Financial Services, or Community) with the branded messages your marketing team creates in Marketing Cloud. Then, Distributed Marketing gives you the power to quickly send customized versions of those messages to your customers through campaigns or from contact, lead, and person account records.

Tailored interactions build customer loyalty. Fifty-seven percent of customers have stopped buying from a company because a competitor provided a better experience. Sixty-four percent believe that a company providing an excellent customer experience strengthens their loyalty. So why does this matter to you? You can use Distributed Marketing to quickly deliver the personalized, connected experience your customers want, while you focus on growing your customer relationships.

Distributed Marketing Features:

If you hang around marketers long enough, you’ll probably hear the word journey used. When we talk about journeys in Marketing Cloud, we’re describing the path your potential customer takes to become someone who is engaged and committed to your brand. A journey is a customer communication plan that your company designs.

Through Distributed Marketing, campaigns are connected to Marketing Cloud journeys. Journeys and content are created by your marketing team and shared with you, the business user. Then you can personalize the message content and send the message to individuals or segments of your book of business. It is better defined in two steps.

1) Review Pending Campaign Members

There are many ways to add individuals from your book of business into campaigns, from manual selection to fully automated processes. In some companies, the marketing teams, assistants, or other team members suggest customers for specific campaigns based on segmentation and business rules. However, we know that just because a customer falls into a segment doesn’t always mean it’s the right time for a particular message. That’s why in Distributed Marketing campaign sends, we wait for your approval before sending. With the campaign send workflow, you can review suggested contacts, leads, and person accounts and personalize for individuals or groups of individuals to ensure everyone is getting the right message at the right time.

2) Personalize and Preview Messages

As you are reviewing and approving campaign members, consider if there’s anyone on the list who should receive a personalized note within their email message. For example, maybe you notice the name of someone you recently met with or someone who had a specific question that you can answer. You can select a single campaign member to modify a message just for them or select multiple members at once to make bulk modifications. You can filter and sort the list of campaign members to find and personalize groups of similar members. We sometimes refer to that as profile-based personalization. Save your changes and close the window to return to the list of pending campaign members.

When you’re ready, click Submit Members to add the approved members to the campaign and remove rejected members from the pending list. Now members marked as “Ready” begin receiving messages according to the cadence defined in the journey.

Now You’re Ready to Use Distributed Marketing

You learned the importance of personalized customer experience and how Distributed Marketing makes it easy to deliver. We explored the differences between the Quick Send feature and campaign messages and how to use each. Now it’s time for you to create an unforgettable customer experience with the power of Distributed Marketing!

To learn more about Salesforce Distributed Marketing please visit the product page.

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