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Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP)

Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP)


Marketers think that adding new channels is their area of responsibility and it increases their strategic importance in the companies but when you ask this question to the customers unfortunately the customer experience degrades with addition of new channels. Then how can we marketers keep strategic importance with new and next generation channels and increase the customer experience at the same time? Data Management Platform is one of the key new concepts that can help us solve this.

Here is to understand why you should consider Data Management Platforms in your cross-channel marketing strategy:

What is DMP?

DMP is a new term for Data Management Platforms. DMP empowers brands to better target audience segments, and orchestrate more relevant consumer experiences across all touch points, by analyzing billions of profiles and trillions of events across multiple devices.

DMP serve as a platform for brands to collect all data from digital interactions across devices and use it to better understand their customers, allowing them to create better marketing experiences.

What marketers challenge today?

Marketing leaders often ask, “What does a customer expect when they interact with our brand?” Customers expect consistency. They expect interactions across any channel to be the same, where the organization demonstrates that they really know the customer. The always connected customer wants that connected experience.
Previously, marketers had multiple channels and their customers fragmented in channels.

A data management platform allows companies to bring all of that data under one roof, so they can slice and dice data across all channels, in one place.

This is one of the most powerful thing that gives in the hands of marketing and it has not been available few years ago.

We, as marketers, can manage this now. If we truly put customers at the center of our thinking — considering how we can make any touchpoint delightful — it changes the way we approach applying all the tools available to us as marketers.

High-performing marketing teams have shifted their mindset and tactics from marketing at customers, to focusing on connecting every touchpoint into a cohesive customer journey.

Benefits of DMPs

DMP needed to power more than marketing. It needed to be part of an intelligence layer that drove richer and more personalized brand experiences across all channels.

What do you do with all that data?

The clear answer is that you would try to connect with your unique customers where and when they interact most, right? Maybe serve up a relevant ad that drives a purchase?

The issues DMPs help solve

If you’re a marketer who can see a full picture of your customers, their affinities, their behaviors, and more, you’ll be able to create content ideas, and map that content to every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Salesforce DMP Advantage

Salesforce DMP has always included the concept of “people data.” We understood that browsers and mobile devices don’t buy things, people do.

To understand the people data we also need to look at what is the future of DMPs for this. I say that DMPs will become completely integrated into larger technology stacks offering a layer of data management (for both known and unknown data) for the “right person.”

This orchestration layer consists of connected execution systems that seek to answer the “right message, right time” quandary. It also includes an artificial intelligence (AI) layer, which is the “brains” of the operation trying determine how to stitch billions of individual data points together in real time.

Every month, Salesforce DMP interacts with more than 3 billion browsers and devices, supports more than 200 billion data collection events, processes more than 5 billion CRM records, and orchestrates more than 200 billion personalized consumer experiences.

Salesforce DMP has continuing to innovate around empowering marketers to connect with customers in entirely new ways. Today, Salesforce DMP also announces Einstein Segmentation, which allows marketers to use machine learning to discover the multiple distinct personas that exist within their audience.

The coming together of the known customer (Salesforce and Marketing Cloud’s wheelhouse) and the unknown, yet-to-be customer (Salesforce DMP’s wheelhouse) is a unique opportunity to bring the best of CRM marketing together with the best DMP. We live in the world of the customer journey, where marketing is much more than ad campaigns. It is every experience a customer has with the brand, and we empower marketers to use data to impact every touchpoint along that journey, all powered by AI.

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