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Pardot Engagement Studio

Pardot Engagement Studio

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Pardot Engagement Studio enables marketers with an entirely new way to build, visualize, test and measure 1-to-1 buyer journeys on one canvas.

Buyers today expect seamless experiences across sales and marketing when they engage with a company. Unfortunately, many companies struggle with this because sales and marketing teams manage customers using different technologies and solutions, resulting in scattered information. In order to deliver on customer expectations, marketers today need a solution that is powerful enough to deliver unified experiences, yet simple enough for their teams to use. The new Engagement Studio makes creating a buyer journey extremely easy.

Engagement Studio enables marketing team to manage all customer touch points and acts as their command center. Now, companies can do everything from lead generation to nurturing to reporting on marketing ROI in one place, and all teams are up-to-date due to centralized reporting. Engagement Studio help customers align their sales and marketing teams to sell smarter together.

Engagement Studio empowers marketers with new ways to:

Easily Build Complex and Powerful Campaigns

Now it’s easier than ever to deliver the personalized experience that buyers expect with automated rules, actions, and triggers based off of customer data in Salesforce, such as assignment status or opportunity creation. Marketers can automate programs that will guide buyers towards desired outcomes, while still allowing them to drive their own path to purchase. In addition, they can build out complex, multi-path journeys by setting up simple decisions at each step. Once a program is built, it can serve as a template for future programs, enabling marketers to spin them up in minutes. Marketers now have the power to build all the marketing assets they need, from landing pages to email templates, all in one place and without the need for IT support.

Visualize and Test the Buyer’s Experience

Not only can marketers visually plan out all assets in one, central canvas for a complete view of the buyer journey, they can now also test the buyer’s experience. By following the exact path to purchase that the buyer will travel, marketers can launch new journeys with confidence by finding and fixing gaps in advance, ensuring journeys will deliver real results.

Understand, Improve and Share Campaign Performance

Engagement Studio simplifies the process of understanding campaign results and using them to improve efforts. Success metrics are layered directly over the buyer journey map, meaning marketers never have to jump between screens. This allows marketers to quickly identify areas where prospects fall out of the journey and make fixes.

Give Sales Reps the Power of B2B Marketing Automation with Salesforce Engage

The buyer journey doesn’t end with marketing. To turn a potential buyer into a paying customer, the sales team needs every insight they can get to have a competitive edge. Sales reps are now directly aligned with marketing throughout the buyer journey with Salesforce Engage, an add-on to Engagement Studio that allows sales to connect with prospects earlier and more effectively to get deals closed.

Both solutions communicate seamlessly not only with each other, but with Salesforce Sales Cloud, ensuring that customer data is being used to its utmost potential. In fact, sales reps receive real-time alert notifications when a prospect shows purchase intent, so that they can reach out ahead of competitors.

Why Pardot?

The power of aligning sales and marketing yields huge benefits for the bottom line. Pardot customers see on average a 34 percent increase in marketing ROI and a 34 percent increase in sales revenue. Changi is the Salesforce preferred partner for implementing Marketing Automation solutions in the Middle East. Get in touch with our experts and consultants to understand how Salesforce solutions can help you achieve more.

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