Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner in Dubai and EMEA
We are passionate about making your customers love you. And we believe in challenging the status quo in everything we do to achieve that goal.
Our focus is innovation. We work with the world’s leading solutions to streamline your growth and to help you deliver the best customer experience.
Customers always come first, ours and yours. We help you discover your ideal customers, know them well, and amuse them in every interaction.

More than 100 customers trust us with their success

Changi Consulting, LLC, founded in 2010, is a customer-centric consulting firm and a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner in the EMEA region.
With expertise across all main industries and business functions, we build and deliver cloud-based solutions focused on helping you accelerate, automate, and optimize your operations.
So whether you’re new to cloud technology, or you’re looking for help enhancing your solution, we have you covered. We offer services in strategy and business management, development and implementation, as well as ongoing support and maintenance on our projects.

With over 243 projects successfully delivered

we understand that both our partners and our customers contribute to the success of our projects. So we continuously strive to build long-lasting relationships based on trust, transparency, and integrity.
Our team is proud to have and maintain a 5 star customer rating and 9.89/10 customer satisfaction score on AppExchange.

Our vision is to become a world class customer-centric company

Our team of 100% Salesforce certified experts comes from 12 countries and speaks 18 languages, but our vision is are our bond.
We care about you and strive to understand exactly what your business needs in order to build and deliver a tailor-made solution to serve you on your path to success.


My advice for someone planning on implementing Salesforce would be know your business and what you want to achieve, Salesforce is surprisingly versatile and you can build the solution that your business needs. Technology is really just an enabler. It’s all about your business and its processes, and doing the right things for your business.

David Ashford
David Ashford

The main thing is quality. Changi quickly understood our business, validated our technological strategy, and turned it into something tangible and realistic. They gave us a real sanity check when we had all these ideas without knowing how to turn them to reality. And then they actually implemented the project with us. We were learning, understanding, and building skills internally, and they were literally holding our hands during the whole thing. We were tiny. This is a real success story.

David Ashford
David Ashford

What’s important in Changi as a partner is that you look beyond the project’s scope, and that’s an incredible asset. You’re very flexible, and really want to understand the pain point and find the solution. That’s very, very important aspect. A solution provider that gets into the thick and thin of the issues we have and that really challenged us on things we thought we want, but didn’t need. In all these aspects, Changi was extremely helpful and efficient. We have to recommend you!

Arvind Kumar
Arvind Kumar

They care. Changi will give you the time a project needs. They take the time to understand what your needs and requirements are. It’s not the case of implementing an out-of-the-box solution. They think up innovative ways of customizing Salesforce for your business. And they don’t ask you to change your business, saying ‘this is how you use it’, but they customize it for you instead.

Josh Jones
Josh Jones

Changi are very professional, and extremely helpful. The biggest plus in working with them is that they always have time for us no matter how busy they are. We really feel like a valuable customer, and like they’re putting everything on the side just to deal with us, which is fantastic!

Josh Jones
Josh Jones

Changi was there every moment we needed them, even during the latest nights. They stood there and held the door for us. We have immense respect towards Changi and how professional the integration was.

Mitto Philip
Mitto Philip

You are great people to work with, in every sense! I think for a company who’s not sure why they need a CRM Changi will definitely help them integrate well.

Arvind Kumar
Arvind Kumar

A Reliable Partner

Changi helped us deliver a crucial and complex project. The team was dedicated, flexible and very responsive. They really added value to our project in identifying best ways to use the solution by proposing us best practices and familiar functionalities, but also helped us model it to fit our own, very specific needs.

Our impressions are very positive and we strongly recommend selecting Changi as Salesforce partner.

Thank you team, Georges, Khaled, and a very special thank you goes to Ramy Zahran – you were fantastic!

Marijana Vlahovic
Marijana Vlahovic


Changi Consulting LLC, Suite 2905, JBC5 Tower, Cluster W, JLT, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Changi Consulting, 33 Triq G.F. Agius De Soldanis, Birkirkara, BKR4850, Malta


Changi Consulting, s.a.r.l, 2nd Floor, Gardenia Center, Zalka, Beirut, Lebanon


Changi Consulting LLC, 1821 Logan Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001, United States of America

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