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How to Grow Your Business with Salesforce AI

How to Grow Your Business with Salesforce AI

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is very trendy topic these days. When I hear AI, Skynet from Terminator comes to mind but let’s not jump ahead of ourselves just yet and let me dial it down a notch from world dominating AIs. To paint a simple picture and how AI could be a very useful tool for SMB sector, I decided to write this blog. Let’s start with some stats, based on a recent survey by Salesforce about 61% of small business owners believe their businesses are not ready for artificial intelligence (AI).

Why I don’t agree? Because AI adds the type of seamless efficiency that gives small businesses a huge boost and because you probably use it already anyway. Still thinking how! Have you ever ordered from Amazon, used Siri on your Apple device, had a chat session with a rep online, found a old friend in suggested friends on Facebook? Yes, all of that is AI helping you at every step of the way.

There’s no reason small or medium businesses can’t emulate these powerful, time saving features too. Einstein is the AI platform by Salesforce, it helps you focus on what matters most, your customers. Here are three ways to add Salesforce Einstein artificial intelligence to grow your business.

1. AI for Sales

Try imagining if your sales technology was so smart that it knew the deals you were working on just by your calendar, email, and phone interactions. That’s AI in action, it automatically builds and monitors your pipeline so you can focus on closing more deals, rather than on manual data entry. You can also use AI as your sales assistant, finding the data you need, reminding you to follow-up with certain prospects, and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. With Salesforce Einstein, you can also enjoy hassle free predictive forecasting to accurately update you’re the stats most important to you.


2. AI for Marketing

Marketing teams today have better, smarter ways to attract new customers. Another popular term, big data, it gives companies a jaw-dropping amount of information on buyer behavior, but no real way to parse it. Now, let’s add AI to the picture, and you’ve got accurate predictions and qualified leads. Salesforce Einstein allows marketers to segment and build audiences based on likely future actions and automatically update the journey so customers receive the right offer at the right time. AI can even automate email send times, offer customer recommendations, and help predict customer sentiment.

3. AI for Customer Service

We all know that not all of our customers tell us when they are not happy with our service. You can’t expect customer service departments to employ mind readers to understand customer needs and head off issues but this is certainly an area where AI can capture signals you and your team might miss, finding correlations and sentiment in customer data. Salesforce Einstein helps process through tons of data and customer signals in a fraction of a second and if it seems like a customer may not feel so great about your company, it allows you to take proactive steps to turn the relationship around, instead of waiting for the customer to tell you he’s unhappy.

Why Salesforce Einstein

There is a huge opportunity for early adopters to pull ahead of their competitors using AI. This is especially true for small and midsize businesses, companies that are working hard to build a customer base. Salesforce Einstein not only helps you differentiate your brand from the competition, but also enables you to compete with industry leaders.

We may only have discussed AI for sales, marketing, and service, but it can do a lot more than that, extend it to other departments to magnify the benefits. Finance, for example, can immediately follow-up when sales closes an opportunity, or HR can better work with departments on peer reviews and talent acquisition. The use cases are endless, you can increase the productivity of every department and grow your business much faster. So, whatever you do, don’t ignore AI. Because that wouldn’t be smart at all.

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