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How to Get Your Sales Team Smarter on Emails

How to Get Your Sales Team Smarter on Emails

No matter how much you tell your sales team to minimize time spent in emailing and to disconnect from emails to focus on leads and opportunities, they still end up spending a tremendous amount of time in email. According to a study conducted by McKinsey, the average sales rep dedicates 28 hours per week to reading and writing emails. Despite its importance to professionals, email didn’t change much until Microsoft first released Outlook and Blackberry made emails accessible on mobile phones.

Salesforce reinvented email for sales professionals by bringing the power of the World’s #1 Sales Platform to their inboxes. I’m excited to highlight some of the features of Salesforce Inbox designed to boost sales productivity.

Let me briefly explain the benefits of all of these so you can understand what is available for your sales team in Salesforce and, for those already using Salesforce, can understand how they can use it more optimally.

1- Email Engagement Tracking

One of the most disliked aspects of email for the sales people is the lack of verbal interaction. Good sales people can gauge & collect a tremendous amount of information by reading the customer’s body language, tone of voice, and speaking cadence in face to face meetings or phone calls. But email reduces customer communications to impersonal text, which makes it comparatively difficult for the reps to personalize their selling motion. But Salesforce helps your sales teams manage this challenge with Salesforce Inbox.

Email Engagement Tracking for Salesforce Inbox is like body language for email communication. With Inbox sales reps can now add hyperlinks to an email for example, a link to a product video or a price sheet. As soon as a customer clicks the link, they get a push notification instantaneously. Sales reps can also gauge customer interest by monitoring the engagement timeline a complete view of when, where, and how many times a customer engaged with an email. All of this information enables them to tailor each conversation they have with respective customers in a smarter & sales focused manner.

2- New User Interface

Salesforce has supercharged Inbox by revamping its user interface. The new UI draws from the Lightning Design System, the innovative user interface first developed for the Salesforce Platform. Every element of Inbox was rethought to make the mobile apps and desktop plug-ins for Gmail and Outlook even more intuitive for users.

Speed was built into every aspect of the new UI for Inbox to ensure that reps spend less time on email and more time with customers. The new UI improves app navigation, helping users to find the information they need in their email inbox, faster. And quick actions allow users to multi-select a group of emails and flag or file them away.

3- Close More Details Faster

With so many customers, keeping your sales pipeline up to date and your team in sync can be difficult, especially when you’re on the go. Create new leads, contacts, and opportunities, and log emails to Sales Cloud, all without leaving your email inbox.

On top of that all of your customer data is never more than a tap away on the go. SalesforceIQ connects directly to the Salesforce1 Mobile App, so you can dig deeper into all your CRM data for further insights or update fields to keep your data 100% accurate. All of which empowers your sales reps close more deals faster in fewer tabs and with easy access to information on the go.

4- Never Miss a Customer Engagement

Salesforce Inbox takes care of the busy work, so your reps can focus on what’s most important, your customers. Features like dynamic scheduling help you eliminate emailing back and forth when setting up meetings. And shortcuts help you reply to emails with ease making sure that scheduling meetings is hassle free.

SalesforceIQ analyzes your email correspondence and helps identify promising opportunities using Relationship Intelligence. It helps your sales reps identify which customers are engaged with email tracking. Salesforce Inbox offers automated reminders so reps can always follow up on important emails by setting smart reminders for every follow up required.

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