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How Can Your Business Benefit from Salesforce CPQ

How Can Your Business Benefit from Salesforce CPQ

Are you still using word processing software and spreadsheets to produce quotes and manage pricing? If yes, you’re not alone. While many large businesses use Configure Price Quote (CPQ) applications to simplify and streamline the process, smaller businesses often are under the impression that CPQ is not a tool for them, which is not true.


Salesforce CPQ helps sales reps do their job more efficiently and accurately. By automatically generating the right mix of products and services for each customer and providing an accurate quote, CPQ allows your sales reps to focus on what matters most, your customers and conversions.
With Salesforce CPQ you can:

  • Reduce errors in opportunities, quotes & contracts
  • Quickly create accurate quotes & proposals with a single click
  • Improve sales productivity and close more deals
  • Increase deal sizes with cross-sell and up-sell guidance

Here are the reasons why your organization should consider CPQ software and how it can help your business:

1- Process Acceleration

In general, CPQ can help businesses grow faster simply because time spent quoting is time not spent selling. Sales teams typically need to collaborate with other members of the team to answer questions or gain approvals, and responses often take a day or more. And once generated, quotes can also be subject to revisions from other members of the team.

With Salesforce CPQ, time is saved. All products and price orders can be uploaded, and quotes can be generated with just a click of a button.

One of the most important advantage of Salesforce CPQ is that it is faster to implement than other CPQ software and is easy to use on any device.

2- Easy Reporting on Key Metrics

Salesforce CPQ is native on the Salesforce platform. You can utilize standard Salesforce dashboards, workflows and reports. This means there is increased visibility into opportunities and automated approvals, this is especially important when CPQ is utilized as a risk mitigation tool. Salesforce CPQ helps to ensure that deals are not lost due to slow or wrongly drafted quotes, missed up-sell opportunities, or out-of-date pricing when integrated with your existing Salesforce data. Like other Salesforce applications, Salesforce CPQ makes it easy to generate the right intelligence and reporting quickly.

3- 1-to-1 Quote Customization

Using your existing sales and customer data, Salesforce CPQ allows sellers to offer the mix of products and services that each individual customer needs. Pricing can also be customized with advanced pricing rules that can be set towards volume discounts, percent of total discounts, pre-negotiated contract pricing and channel & partner pricing. And all of this with just a few clicks.

4- Affordable & Branded

Today in business, image is everything. Salesforce CPQ is an affordable solution that sales people almost always dive right into. The quotes generated are professional, branded and can include everything from cover letters to marketing materials, making a professional impression on clients.

5- Central Control

Salesforce CPQ helps control the discounts on a quote. It ensures that there are no discounts lower than your company permits. Consistent, accurate pricing is guaranteed. Any discount must adhere to all of the discounting guidelines, or it is not allowed to be processed through the system. Discount thresholds can be combined with approval processes and approvers are alerted and can make approval decisions from any of their preferred devices.

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