Introduction to Crown House

Crown House is the leader in office furniture in a number of global markets, UAE, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and France, to name a few. They help organizations redefine their workspace to get the best out of their people and space by providing the most innovative and inspiring space planning ideas and office furniture solutions.

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The Challenges

Redundancy of information due to data silos and increased manual work because lead management and assignments being done manually.

Poor accountability and visibility due to a lack of centralized tasks and processes. Furthermore, account transfers had numerous knowledge gaps and they lacked proper system for follow ups and history tracking of activities on every single lead.

Manual reporting and the administrative time required for accurate reporting caused a lengthy admin process distracting the sales team from their primary objective.

No way to measure progress and efficiency since there was no way to collect analytics. This made it virtually impossible to forecast the sales pipeline.

No central platform was there to get a view of what has been happening across the board, Crown House needed a way to utilize the collective knowledge of its employees.

Inadequate customer experience leading to potential lost revenue. With no centralized system to house company data, there was no efficient way for the Sales team to “talk” to each other, and other departments. This led to delays in the customer service cycle and decreased customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Crown House approached Changi to help them with the Lead and Sales Management system. Salesforce Sales Cloud was a perfect fit for all the requirements by Crown House. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, Crown House consolidated Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities.

Lead Management: All leads received are managed and assigned dynamically and nothing falls through the cracks anymore. All lead activity history is recorded for every sales member who interacts with the lead, this offers a central repository of history centrally available to the team and management.

Opportunity Management: Sales can manage opportunities more accurately updating statuses to different stages throughout the sales cycle. This gives the sales member an accurate view of their own pipeline and the management gets visibility on the overall forecasting and sales projections.

Reporting & Campaigns: With Salesforce Sales Cloud reporting and dashboards with on-demand and scheduled options in a drag-and-drop fashion, Crown House Sales and Management teams can easily report on leads generated, pipeline for each member, opportunities and projections, and all of this in real time in a Mobile-friendly (iOS and Android) format.

What Crown House says about Their Experience

“Since its establishment, 35 years ago, Crown house was always striving to exceed the customers’ expectations. Doing so, without a CRM platform, required huge efforts and redundant work.

To keep up with the market trends and current technology, acquiring a cloud based CRM platform was inevitable. We looked into many options, Salesforce stood out clearly. It is a complete and versatile system with robust security and user-friendly interface.

The next major step was the implementation and setup, this is where Changi Consulting came in. We migrated from a manual system to an automated, fully cloud based, available around the clock and the globe system with almost no effort.

Ever since, follow up with our customers hasn’t been easier, reports, forecasts, budgeting and campaigns are done with minimal effort. The Crown House team embraced the change, they got used to the new system in no time, and now they can’t imagine business any other way.”
– said Michel E. Karam, Business Development Specialist at Crown House.


– Increase in Sales 65%

– Faster Lead Conversion Time 80%

– Increase in Conversion of Opportunities 80%

– Increase in Sales Revenue 65%

– Reduced Time Spent in Manual Processes 80%

– Increased in Forecasting Accuracy 80%


– Superior user experience & team collaboration

– Automated & consistent sales & marketing processes

– Increased productivity and efficiency

– High visibility & traceability with immediate scalability

– Consolidation of all manual reports

– Superior customer experience in entire sales cycle

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