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Air Malta prepares for growth in a global market supported by Changi’s implementation of Service, Sales, and Marketing Cloud

Their proposal was detailed and well structured. It also brought tangible solutions to the table that dealt with our queries and needs. Others presented us with timelines and solutions, but nowhere as accurate and tailor made to us as Changi’s.

Jonathan Camilleri
Jonathan Camilleri

Air Malta is a European regional airline that serves as the main connection between the island of Malta and more than 35 major destinations across Europe, North Africa, and the East Mediterranean region. The airline operates a fleet of 10 Airbus 320 aircrafts, employs more than 1,000 full time employees, and has an annual turnover of around € 220 million. Being the national airline of the Maltese islands imposes the responsibility of contributing to the booming Maltese economy, as well as meeting the growing expectations of Air Malta’s guests. But achieving these goals would prove difficult unless the company solved some major challenges.

Air Malta required the same level of visibility and access to customer data across its whole commercial activities. “Our  commercial data was decentralized. We had data segmented in independent silos across our regional offices across Europe,” says Jonathan Camilleri, the CRM Manager at Air Malta. Centralizing their data wasn’t the only issue the airline wished to solve. “Customer segmentation was also very limited and we had no customer profiles. The only data we had was related to passengers who have signed up for promotional content only.” That’s why Air Malta looked to Changi Consulting to solve these challenges.

The communication with Changi is very fluid, with no boundaries or reservations. They are very competent, straightforward and efficient. You feel that the project is a team effort. There is more going on behind the curtains than on-site.

Jonathan Camilleri
Jonathan Camilleri