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Mouawad, Hand-Crafting Customer Experiences

Changi Consulting helps century old luxury jewelry designer gain flawless clarity into their customer journey with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Changi was there every moment we needed them, even during the latest nights. They stood there and held the door for us. We have immense respect towards Changi and how professional the integration was.

Mitto Philip
Mitto Philip

More than a century ago, the very first Mouawad workshop was founded in Beirut, when David Mouawad came back to his country after 20 years of learning the art of repairing and fashioning jewelry and watches in the Americas. This passion didn’t end with him, but prevailed over the decades, from father to son, fueled by innovation, excellence, entrepreneurship, and dedication.

Today, a fourth generation of Mouawad chairmen have taken the reigns, managing more than 380 employees spread out over global offices and branches, from Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, to Switzerland, Singapore, Los Angeles, and more. Throughout 128 years of business, the company has achieved several Guinness World Records for its unique hand-crafted creations, nurtured tight connections with many of the world’s A-listers, and established quite the reputation for impeccable quality and customer service.

Mouawad’s path to the top was paved by focusing on customer needs and always finding better ways to do business. “We strive to enchant our customers in the best way anyone can imagine,” says Mitto Philips, Group Information Technology Manager at Mouawad. Additionally, Mouawad’s mission is to build deep, long-lasting relationships with customers. “The grandfathers were buying from us. Now, their grandchildren are buying from us. We’re looking to cultivate a feeling that they want to come to Mouawad to mark their occasions. We’re not looking for today’s business. We’re looking for the next generation’s business,” remarked Philips. “But maintaining our level of personalization was becoming difficult because we were too big.”