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Why Salesforce for Financial Services

Why Salesforce for Financial Services

The latest research shows that in the next 5 years over $2 trillion is going to be transferred among generations, this is a unique opportunity to capitalize on this huge redistribution of wealth. Leaders in the Financial industry have already placed plans in motion by equipping their managers and staff with the right tools to help them gain leverage against the competition.

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM platform offering multiple cross industry cloud solutions. The world’s leading companies are utilizing the power of Salesforce platform across departments and business units. Following are the key benefits of Salesforce for Financial Services and how it can help transform the Financial Services Industry.


Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is built on Salesforce platform that can be directly connected to your enterprise platform strategy. It’s not just another app, but a next-generation platform designed to meet the needs of connected clients.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud pulls information from various sources and integrates it into one platform with proactive alerts so you don’t miss an opportunity allowing you to spend more time helping clients and less on administrative tasks. Salesforce helps you create the relationships clients are looking for, increase employee productivity and a tailored solution for each client. Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM and offers a powerful industry-leading software where client information is always available, anywhere, anytime. Some of the core benefits are:

  1. Develop 1-to-1 Relationships
  2. User Experience and Intelligent Actions
  3. Real-Time Engagement

1- Develop 1-to-1 Relationships

The world and technology is changing at an exceptional rate, keep you been keeping up with it? Most of the players in the Financial Services from the MENA region have relied on traditional channels and legacy systems. There is a wide gap where Financial Industry has not kept up with the global shift in client expectations and technology available to service clients.

Salesforce has been helping the banks, insurance companies, brokerages and other financial services companies around the globe to adopt and embrace these new technologies and enabling them to service their clients in a whole new way by developing 1-to-1 client relationships.

Imagine, never missing out on key client information and centrally accessible records captured from all touchpoints across the organization. Salesforce empowers your agents with a tool that helps them:

  • Get automated reminders for client events
  • Manager client life cycle efficiently
  • Deliver on client expectations promptly

With Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, the client relationship is at the core of every interaction, with proactive information pushed to the agents that accelerates productivity. This starts with having the right information for each client and going beyond the surface to understand each individual’s needs, goals and family relationships.

2- User Experience and Intelligent Actions

No matter the industry, increasing productivity is a critical way to stay competitive. That’s particularly true in the financial industry as a new generation of clients shop around for financial advisors.

One of the fastest ways to increase productivity is to supercharge the advisor through easy to use and intuitive tools. Salesforce has created a dynamic user experience inspired by the world of the consumer, making it easy for the advisor to get a holistic view of the clients’ portfolio. Each morning, advisors log into Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and are presented with the most important tasks they need to complete each day. Some key features are:

  • A snapshot of their book of business performance
  • Proactive alerts of key activities
  • Insights to close a deal effectively
  • Option to create tasks and reminders for the entire team

3- Real-Time Engagement

If anything, clients, today want prompt responses, actions and advises. Especially in the Financial sector, timely engagement and actions could be the deciding factor between a profit and a loss. Clients also expect to have the same unified experience from an organization at every touchpoint.

With Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, you can reduce the silos in your organization by centering activity around the rich client profile and then engaging directly with clients more efficiently. Salesforce can also connect your team to the client through a powerful community engagement experience. This frees up collaboration to happen when the client wants, in micro moments and on the device of their choosing.

We understand the needs of your agents and managers, them being mostly on the go, with Salesforce1, they can take everything they need in the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and access it through their choice of mobile devices, review client tear sheets on their tablets or receive alerts on client meetings on their phones. Here are few more benefits of having Salesforce:

  • Highly customizable
  • Easy integrations with your existing systems and infrastructure
  • Multi device compatible
  • Central storage of data
  • Real time alerts and automated actions

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