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3 Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

3 Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

Why Marketing Automation is Critical for Businesses Today

We keep hearing the term marketing automation very frequently these days. Let us take a moment to go over what exactly ‘marketing automation’ is and how is it beneficial in today’s corporate life.
Now be it a last minute campaign or a fast approaching deadline for a task, we’ve all been there, stuck in a seemingly endless loop of tasks that need to get done but are progressing so slowly that it doesn’t make sense, or processes that are more work than the projects themselves.

Part of working within an organizational structure is needing to set up a methodological way to move information and tasks from one team to the next, and one of the most important for marketers is learning to move leads and lead information from marketing to sales. It may seem like a simple thing, but getting your leads to your sales team and then getting your sales team to follow up as soon as possible, is the best way to impact that all-important bottom line. Ever felt that if only there was a way to go about it? That’s exactly where marketing automation steps in.

Marketing automation might not sound like a productivity tool, but at it’s heart, that’s central to its functionality. It takes the process of generating, nurturing and qualifying leads from an art to a science, and gives you the precision and control to ensure that you’re not only finding the warmest leads to fill your sales pipeline, but you’re also getting them to your reps faster than before.

1- Lead Qualification

The first and one of the most critical steps is lead qualification. Knowing that a lead is ready and is likely to buy is key to figuring out when to get them on a call with a sales rep. You’ll want to start by working with your sales team to determine what a qualified lead looks like. From there, you can set your parameters in your marketing automation platform and qualify leads based on their activity and how closely they fit the profile of your idea buyer.

2- Lead Assignment

Once a lead is qualified, the next step is to get it over to your sales team. Marketing automation can increase your productivity here as well. Once a lead has been assigned to sales, your sales reps receive automated alert that notify them of the new lead. The leads will be passed with the score and grade information, so the sales rep will know right away which ones they need to follow up with.

3- Support Deal Closing

Once sales pipeline is filled, the final step is to support sales team close the deal. With marketing automation you can give them access to nurturing campaigns and email templates created by marketing so that your sales reps can send out consistently on-brand messaging to finalize the sale.

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